Fat Bass …

Already autumn is creeping upon us, natures seasons moving forever onwards and we are approaching what was traditionally a season of harvest and bounty. For bass angling it was the autumn months that enticed the dedicated to pursue evermore the chance of a big fish .Times change as does our knowledge and equipment, yet nature still runs by its own rules, it’s something we cannot cheat.

August also is the month that some premium game meat is taken and marketed, via the countries finest restaurants and eateries. High quality cuisine at a premium price, taken from managed land, a wild surplus being sustainably harvested. Unlike much of our exploited seas.

Can we draw any comparison to mature bass that have reached older age, killed and marketed as something wonderful? These female fish are an invaluable genetic resource to maintain the species. Surely from a marketing/consumer view these are old fish with aged flesh ,consumers need to be educated to consider if they would pay high prices for old game or domestic meat stock, of similar old age. Beware of buying /consuming Mutton being sold as Lamb!

Do chefs conjure up miraculous sauces, or dress the dish with herbs and spices to disguise the quality, or is it now proven that big mature old bass meat is the crème de la crème? If that was true then the Bass fishery is in even deeper trouble, as to generate enough big fish for viable exploitation could take decades, and the in-between years of plate size fish being of low quality .

Oh, and lets not forget, in the many years that it takes these fish to grow so large and survive, they also have had far more years of plastic or pollution to feed amongst .
If you want to help protect our wild bass stocks, please get involved and make your views known with BASS or SOS Bass. [Originally posted as Recipe for disaster? an sos blog- August 2018]

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